Chroma key backgrounds

Ever wondered how in the movies they create fantastic landscapes and make-believe places that don’t actually exist in reality? How people are transformed into different worlds and even fly across the screen? No, it’s not magic as such, but clever green screen technology.

Green screen, or chroma key backgrounds as many people know it, allows video producers to introduce a wide range of unique special effects when it comes to film making and photo modifying. Over the years, as technology has moved on and software has developed, opportunities for renting green screen studio space have grown.

Perfect Film is home to Infinity studios. Equipped with a curved green screen stage, this is a versatile space for shooting a range of original photographic and film projects.

Infinity Screen
Infinity Screen

Only limited by your imagination

A green screen stage is the perfect backdrop for any creative video project. It now means that film footage is only limited by the imagination, and not by the technology available.

How do chroma key backgrounds work? A green screen stage is the most effective background colour for chroma keying. Using the latest software, technicians can separate green screens and panels from the actors and/or presenters standing in front of them, and then replace those backgrounds with whatever they want to.

But it’s not just backgrounds that can be manipulated with green screen. Objects too can be altered and changed even reinvented into something else.

Infinity Screen

Surprising your audience with clever animation

Located in Manchester, Halifax, Littleborough, Pennines or Rochdale, or somewhere else across North West region?

Infinity is a green screen studio that can bring your film or photographic project to life. Combining great location, with the facilities that professional moviemakers must have, Infinity studio is very much a hidden gem.

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