Considering enterprise network solutions for video privacy and security

Considering enterprise network solutions for video privacy and security

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According to a report by eMarketer, 93% of businesses used video for their online marketing campaigns in 2013. A similar survey conducted by Animoto told us that more than 95% of people said watching a video helped them make an informed purchase decision.

Most of us can probably agree that videos are here to stay when it comes to content marketing, but have you considered all of the tasks that come with it?

Create compelling and gripping content

Entertaining and engaging your viewers is the goal of any great video campaign. You want them to be attentive and responsive to your message, not uninterested and easily distracted from dull or boring video lectures. By understanding your unique target audience, you can create appropriate films to grab their attention and hold it for the length of the film. Many corporations use internal video communications to keep large groups of employees up to date on company changes or marketing information; however some of this information may be of a delicate nature so you need to be aware of privacy issues online.

Be aware of risks with public video hosting

Video hosting online is a quick and simple platform for films of almost any length, but is not exactly private nor can it be tailored to your specific brand or unique needs. Maintaining a large number of passwords for a variety of viewers across multiple branches of your corporation can end up being much more complex than you had anticipated. Public video hosting may also show related videos which could display messages or products from your competition, or the videos meant for your employees only could be leaked to other sources and cause problems for your business.

Consider investing in an enterprise solution

One of the easiest ways to protect your internal video is through an enterprise system. This network links your corporation together through a social platform where videos can be shared and their exposure monitored. You no longer have to worry about competitors’ images or media coming through as related links to your own content, and you can quickly and easily limit or expand the internal viewer base within your own business. When you need an information specific, easily customisable and branded sharing platform just for use by your own employees across multiple corporate branches, an enterprise network is a viable solution.