Making sense of science behind video marketing

Making sense of science behind video marketing

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Video marketing can be art as well as science; you need to entertain, surprise, and delight your audience or risk losing their interest completely. Some of the best video campaigns have done as well as they have by surpassing expectations and pushing all boundaries of a marketing approach.

Rather than requiring your audience to read large amounts of text, you can create an attractive video to convey the same information in a shorter time with a much higher interest rate from your audience. Planning ahead of time and knowing your goals in a marketing approach for your audience can help make the entire process enjoyable for both you and your viewers.

Understanding logic and emotion in video marketing

There are two sides to video marketing; logical and emotional. Logical marketing can be similar to product demonstrations. It’s a very straight forward approach to showing the product, what it can do, and how it can benefit you in normal usage. A good example would be video adverts for vacuum cleaners; they are almost always shown doing what they are made for, cleaning up dirt and debris from your floor or collecting pet hair and using air filters to keep dander and allergens to a minimum. When you have built your reputation on providing reliable vacuum cleaners, it’s no surprise you want to showcase them in your marketing as well. An example of emotional marketing would be from sports shoes or clothing companies; which not only gain enormous amounts of sponsorships and celebrity endorsements for their products, but can also appeal to the everyday audience by emulating a powerful emotion or driving force behind each item they offer.

Deciding on the side you want to focus

Whether you decide to go for an emotional or logical approach, or a mix of both, depends entirely on the products you are offering and the unique image of your business. If your company is strictly professional and wants to be viewed as an authority on a certain subject or product line, staying on the logical and factual side of marketing may suit you well. If, on the other hand, you want to connect with your audience in a more casual and friendly level, to give them that human element which is sometimes lacking in online marketing, you can choose to reach out to them on the emotional side. Combining the two sides, emotional and logical, can be easy for some markets such as the automotive industry. Not only are vehicles a very functional and necessary part of most people’s lives, but in some cases they can be viewed as a status symbol which would appeal to the emotional side of the audience. Some car companies have shown their vehicles driving down roads with horses running alongside which touches on the emotion of the audience and tells them that vehicle brings power and freedom, in addition to horsepower!

Analysing your target audience

Various online tools can help you analyse your viewers and adjust your campaigns accordingly. If you are attempting to reach middle aged men, but keep landing views from older women analytics can help you decide on a change of action. Once mastered, video marketing is one of the strongest tools available to help your business expand. It’s a trend that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years and many analytic forecasts expect it to continue throughout 2015. If you haven’t already, it might be time for your company to decide on a sound marketing approach to use with your videos.