Tips for your animated digital marketing

Tips for your animated digital marketing

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Video marketing can help your business stand out from your competition and move ahead in the public eye when you use appropriate branding methods. Be sure you know what your end goals are. Do you want to introduce your company to the public and build trust?

Are you showcasing a line of products, or offering a product demonstration of one in particular? Is this an educational film for new hire employees? Depending on the purpose of the film, be sure you have a project brief available for your animator prior to starting production. If there are any questions, they can be discussed in advance of any concept art. Scripts and storyboards are important and will usually be created with your input allowed for revisions and complete changes. Provide feedback and get artist recommendations to see how your vision can become reality in this video. Make sure you are happy with the storyboarding before you continue with the actual animation stage.

Engage the audience with music or voice overs

Many videos can work with nothing more than visuals, but adding a soundtrack, a voice over or a mix of both can take your production one step further. Shorter videos with simple messages may only require imagery and a gentle soundtrack, but if your message is complex or detailed you may want to consider hiring a voice artist to provide narration and prevent your viewers from trying to figure out the message in a charades type style. If hiring a production company to animate a video for you, be sure to inquire ahead of time as to whether or not the soundtrack and voice over fees are included in the production cost. Remembering this after the fact and attempting to have it added in later can add to both the cost and time required to get your finished piece.

Animation has no limits, be imaginative

Even if your budget is limited, you can create an engaging and entertaining video that would be outside the realm of possibilities for live action film. Animation is only limited by your imagination and the technology used by the artist, so don’t hold back or stay within the boundaries of reality. Take advantage of humour to make a point, use characters which are entertaining without being distracting. If you can master this, your video will be very memorable for your audience.